J & M  Detailing

All appointments require a deposit of 25% up to $100 that is refundable if appointment is cancelled. Appointment slots are important to our business and hard to fill in the case of a no-show, so no-shows will not be refunded, but will be held as a deposit for a new appointment. Second no shows will require a new deposit.

J & M  Detailing


***Dear J & M Customers,

        We would like to make clear to all of our customers that the message board beneath our logo is not under our control. The dentist/ owner of the property on which we operate our small business decided long ago that the message board is better used for his personal and political messages rather than to help promote the small businesses (ours for the past 8+ years) that over the years have operated out of the garage it was intended for. We apologize for any offence caused by it and please direct any complaints you may have regarding those messages to the dentists office here on the property.

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