-Diamond Level:
    Amazing, Longest Lasting, Highest Gloss Finish. New and used cars qualify for a LIFETIME WARRANTY. $699-$1,099.

-Pro Level:

    A strong, hydrophobic coating with good gloss, the Pro Level Ceramic offers for a 6 year warranty for New Cars up to two years old and a 4 year warranty for all other cars. $499-$899.


    A true ceramic detailer that is quick and easy to apply in place of a wax or to enhance your existing ceramic coating. Price starting at $75.


    A high-tech hydrophobic barrier to protect all of your cars cloth, carpets, vinyl and leather. Price starting at $175


    A premium glass ceramic that protects against micro scratches and adds hydrophobic properties to improve visibility. Price starting at $50.

Element 119's System X Ceramic Products are a Premium Quality Ceramic Line that will keep your Auto, Marine or Aircraft Protected from the Harsh New England Conditions, is registers with Carfax and are Trusted by Space X, West Coast Customs and more.

Official Ceramic Coating of

J & M  Detailing

J & M  Detailing

​System X Ceramic Coatings

System X warranty requires a yearly inspection and refresher coating to maintain warranty. We honor our work up to 3 years on Diamond or Max if you choose not to apply refresher coating.

​-Max Level:

    New ​ super slick and glossy paint protectioin with unbelievable durability! Thicker than any coating before. Good for automotive, marine and aircraft! Lifetime warranty on all automotive, 5 years for marine and recreational vehicles, 2 years for aircraft. $999-$1999 for autos, all other vehicles require in person inspection for quote.