-Diamond Level:
    Our Strongest, Longest Lasting, Highest Gloss Finish. New cars up to 2 Years old qualify for a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Cars older than 2 years qualify for an 8 year warranty. $699-$1,099.

-Pro Level:

    A strong, hydrophobic coating with good gloss, the Pro Level Ceramic offers for a 6 year warranty for New Cars up to two years old and a 4 year warranty for all other cars. $499-$899.


    A true ceramic detailer that is quick and easy to apply in place of a wax or to enhance your existing ceramic coating. Price starting at $75.


    A high-tech hydrophobic barrier to protect all of your cars cloth, carpets, vinyl and leather. Price starting at $175


    A premium glass ceramic that protects against micro scratches and adds hydrophobic properties to improve visibility. Price starting at $50.

Element 119's System X Ceramic Products are a Premium Quality Ceramic Line that will keep your Auto, Marine or Aircraft protected from the harsh New England conditions.

All appointments require a deposit of 25% up to $100 that is refundable if appointment is cancelled. Appointment slots are important to our business and hard to fill in the case of a no-show, so no-shows will not be refunded, but will be held as a deposit for a new appointment. Second no shows will require a new deposit.

​System X Ceramic Coatings

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